Project and Event Support for the

Woman on Fire

Empowering Others to Rise

Let’s align our strengths and your brillance to light a path that achieves your mission.

Lady Powerhouse Solutions is a small but fierce business with a heart-centered approach to offering project and event management to those female (or female-identified) executives, coaches, or entrepreneurs already on fire and lighting the world up with their passion and drive to achieve their missions in the most authentic way possible.

We hold to these four principles in common with our clients:


We believe in lifting each other up and helping others rise to their highest potential


We aim to unite people rather than divide; to celebrate differences; and to join forces for the good and betterment of others


We lead through action; we communicate openly; we hold space for others’ ideas; and we own our faults


We honor our calling by allowing our purpose to guide our business decisions and we honor ourselves by staying true to who we are.

Partnering with us will result in an exponential increase in your ability to do whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. With us, you’ll be more efficient, more effective, and have more powerful influence and better outcomes.

Our solutions are the magic pill in the movie “Limitless” or the ‘flubber’ the Absent-Minded Professor invented. They are that substance that GAINS energy when it hits a hard surface.

We don’t see barriers. We see an opportunity to take the energy away from the obstacle and channel it into a solution (kinda like Qi/ch’i – in Chinese culture, the VITAL SOURCE OF LIFE ENERGY).

Together, we can light the path, lift each other up, help others rise into their own power, and make a difference.

We Support Women Executives, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs Who Are:

Losing Time

Time is a commodity. You can’t get it back. You can’t make more of it. You can’t save it up or get a refund. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. But are you using it wisely? Is something being left undone? Are you constantly shifting things around to get to the thing that was supposed to be done yesterday? No one likes the deficit position

Wanting Focus

Wasting mental energy on systems and processes? Managing umpteen task lists? Or spending time on organizing all the post-it notes? (Oh-my-ever-loving-gawd! The post-it note elves are back! And they are EVERYWHERE!)

But what does that mean for staying aligned with your mission?

Needing Support

Finally thinking you can’t do this all your self? Time is gone. Focus is hit-or-miss. Some stuff plainly isn’t getting done. The overwhelm and anxiety is creeping in. And the elves are back. (Those damn elves!) There is no way you can build Rome alone. And you know you can’t be good at all the things.

Requiring Excellence

Getting some assistance sounds good except it can’t be just anyone. You don’t want to waste your money on someone who is going to do mediocre work. You need to trust this person with your vision. Things need to go smoothly and they need to be done right and well.

Lady Powerhouse Solutions supports our clients:

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Hi, I’m Angelic,

I don’t answer to Angie, but I get it – how the heck do you say it, right?

True story: my mother thought I was truly angelic and our roots are French, so my name is a play on words – Angelique spelled Angelic, but pronounced An-juh-leek.

I’m the quirky and delightful boss woman behind Lady Powerhouse Solutions ready to roll up my sleeves and hit the pavement to support your work and help you achieve your mission.

I’m one of those people who will respond in conversation by bursting into song. (I ain’t bad at it, either.) So while we find our rhythm to change the world, I’ll likely be singing along.

I’m not just upbeat and musically inclined. Though I know that’s a sweet pairing.

I have 20+ years of experience across healthcare, human resources, accounting, technology, executive coaching, retail, sales, and marketing. I hunger for learning.

As such, most of the areas I excel in and enjoy the most are those that are self-taught. Like project management, organization, and the ability to take chaos and paint an orderly picture. Don’t worry, it still has dimension and color as any good picture should.

{French accent here} Ah, Dahling, true art must move zee peepelle!

Another true story: My mother was an artist and a painter. While I have a passion for it, I have oh-so-little natural talent. So, when I say, I’m creating you a picture really what I mean is I’m bringing VITALITY to your business. I’m helping you with your calls to action. Pulling your people toward you. I’m offering you assistance with your tinder box. The one that ignites the dormant longing in people for true self-fulfillment.

Glad I cleared that up.

I’m no adrenaline junkie, but I loathe stagnation. I need forward movement and action otherwise, I’m out.

It’s this last part that makes me the perfect match for your mission-driven brilliance. You’re not going anywhere if you’re standing still. And I’m not particularly good at standing still. So let’s get aligned and get going.

There’s so much more to say…

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Love Notes

“What I value most about Angelic’s services is her attention to detail – everything is extremely well thought out. If you are looking for someone organized and very detail oriented – I would recommend Lady Powerhouse Solutions.”

“What I value most about Angelic’s services is her attention to detail – everything is extremely well thought out. If you are looking for someone very organized and very detail oriented – I would recommend Lady Powerhouse Solutions.”

Lorraine Harrison

About Magazines

“I had several projects sitting on my desk that needed attention. With Angelic’s help, they were completed professionally and on time. Her recommendations and training regarding new tools increase my productivity and allow me to spend time doing the parts of the business I enjoy. I will continue recommending Lady Powerhouse Solutions because they are professional, accurate, flexible, and a great asset to any organization.”

Kathy Barnes

Barnes LTD

“Working with Angelic has given me back hours in my day to focus on planning, strategizing, and consulting with my clients and keeping them front and center. Knowing I have a talented resource looking after the social media piece of the puzzle gives me peace of mind and confidence. I would highly recommend Lady Powerhouse Solutions for your project management needs. Angelic’s natural inclination to figure things out and offer suggestions are what make the difference and set her apart.”

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