From Business Overwhelm to Alignment and Balance Across the Board

She had a dream. To write her own book. And publish it into this great big world. And she did it. A feat of its own, right?

But she also had a growing business. She didn’t have enough time and energy to create success for her clients as well as her book. Yet she knew she couldn’t let all her hard work and financial investment go unnoticed. She needed to have eyes, ears, and hands on her author platform and the upcoming book launch and promotion.

And not just any eyes and ears, but the right ones. She wanted someone she knew she could trust.

Then she found Lady Powerhouse Solutions, who not only shared her values, loved her book, had an eye for detail, but knew the book space and digital marketing. Suddenly instead of feeling overwhelmed by it all, she was engaging with followers and readers were able to easily connect with her and learn about her book – and buy it.

Meet Ally. Exuberant professional writer and early-stage entrepreneur.

Around the same time Ally was ready to birth her book-baby, her writing business took off and she recognized she couldn’t balance it all.

Like so many entrepreneurs, she was spinning several plates in the air already and they kept coming. Which is a great problem to have in business. The more her business grew though, the less energy and enthusiasm she had for her author platform and book promotion. She knew what needed to be done, she just didn’t have the capacity to do all the things.

Hiring an experienced project manager was a major game-changer.

Entrusting your work and your reputation to another is a big ask. And we get that. Ally shared,

“My deciding factors were Angelic’s character and experience. She’s a professional woman of integrity and a lot of heart. She cared about my success and my book and the dream I was fulfilling. She was trustworthy and reliable. And she had the right background in books and project management to make this partnership a successful one.”

Having an experienced project manager with a strategic bent empowered Ally to stay in her zone of genius and experience joy in her business and author platform.

Which meant Ally got to experience  joy and abundance in all the places.

As a result of their partnership, they had a very successful and fun launch. Ally felt the digital marketing leading up to the book launch was strong. We provided ideas for bundles and pre-sales and managed an active and informed street team to promote book sales. The launch event was a blast with around 60 in attendance. Best of all, Ally was able to stay in her zone of genius and enjoy the process.

From hopes and dreams to reality.

When Ally brought Lady Powerhouse Solutions on board, she no longer had to worry about her online author presence. In Ally’s own words…

“I know Angelic is thinking about various aspects of my online platform and…[will] suggest what we can do better or what we can do next.

I’m in all of the places – Pinterest, Goodreads, Bookshop, BookBub – not because I knew anything about them or that I should be there, but because she was able to come up with a strategic vision…and ways to leverage them and streamline the efforts.

She gives me the vision and her plan…then she helps to execute…”

Are you ready to stop wishing you felt so overwhelmed and get more momentum in your business? Schedule your free call with Lady Powerhouse Solutions today! Schedule your free call with Lady Powerhouse Solutions today!