From Overwhelm to Improved Cash Flow

She has clients. Plenty of them. More every day. She also has a small, close-knit team. But she still had too much on her plate and it wasn’t all getting done. There just wasn’t enough time to run her business and produce all the deliverables. Then she found Lady Powerhouse Solutions, who not only understood her needs, but quickly identified processes to improve the efficiency of her business. Suddenly instead of feeling stressed out, she was seeing improved cash flow.

Meet Lorraine. The media mogul.

Lorraine’s established media company includes three magazines and a plethora of marketing services for local small businesses. So, when the pandemic hit, everyone knew who to go to for their marketing needs. As business increased, it became clear they would quickly exceed their current capacity and she needed to find a solution.

Hiring an experienced project manager was a game-changer. 

Entrusting your work and your reputation to another is a big ask. And we get that. Lorraine shared…

“After our initial interview, I was impressed with their approach and felt that I could delegate tasks to them effectively.”

A sense of relief and reduced stress.

As a result of our partnership, Lady Powerhouse Solutions has helped Lorraine implement new systems to increase efficiency and cash flow and added new automated processes that save her and her team time. She delegated her client onboarding to the team at LPS and felt an immediate sense of relief and reduced stress. 

From limited capacity to unlimited potential. 

When Lorraine brought Lady Powerhouse Solutions on board, she no longer had to worry about her capacity to take on new projects. In Lorraine’s own words…

“One of the most important benefits is the lower stress level I have on multiple levels because of the addition of Lady Powerhouse.

I spend more time doing profitable activities and have taken on new projects that I couldn’t have handled without them. I don’t know what I would do without them at this point.”

Are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and get more momentum in your business? Schedule your free call with Lady Powerhouse Solutions today!


I had several projects sitting on my desk that needed attention. With Angelic’s help, they were completed professionally and on time. Her recommendations and training regarding new tools increase my productivity and allow me to spend time doing the parts of the business I enjoy.

I will continue recommending Lady Powerhouse Solutions because they are professional, accurate, flexible, and a great asset to any organization.