Our Story

“One woman on fire + another woman on fire = a bright light of power and brilliance that impacts the world.”

We believe

…our humanity connects us to each other even if nothing else seems to.

…in having the freedom and ability to choose clients that invigorate, energize, and inspire us by the work they do, that we do our best work to assist their mission and vision.

…our work affords us the opportunity to improve and empower the lives of the women we serve and the people they serve.

…mission-led businesses can change the lives of others and therefore the world.

Angelic Veasman


Your Delightful Virtual Business Partner

“The road is long, with many a winding turn, That leads us to who knows where, Who knows where, but I’m strong, strong enough…”


That is how old I was when I started working. One of my first jobs was doing singing telegrams. (What? You’re not surprised?)

I’ve worked in restaurants and small-town cafes. I’ve worked as a medical transcriptionist for a private physician, promotions specialist for a PR Firm, and I’ve been assistants to web designers. I’ve been in human resource departments and quality control. I’ve been in grounds keeping and linen services. I’ve coordinated advanced life support education and certification courses, and group health care programs.. I’ve done work for foundations and performed major fundraising events. I’ve trained employees. And I’ve even opened and closed my own retail businesses.


“I been workin’ all my life…”

No matter the industry, in one way or another, I’ve been creating solid infrastructure for business operations since 1991. While I’ve always enjoyed it and I’ve explored umpteen areas (see that list above) nothing has stuck. Nothing has felt like home.

My last employment was a leap I took. I got in on the ground floor of a growing company with the hope of growth and advancement. I learned a lot, but I also learned the possibility of advancement that I had imagined wasn’t there.

But that’s okay. It was destiny’s way of nudging me along and saying ”NEXT! You are meant for more.”

I reached a point where I said, “No more working for others, making everyone else awesome. It’s time for me and what I am called to do.”

It was time for a bigger leap.

But what was that exactly?

I’ve been on this long and winding road to find my place and my own sense of purpose. How could I offer all of my refined skills and greatest strengths in a way that earned me the living I needed while also being more than just raking in the dough?

I wanted what I did to mean something. I wanted who I did it for to matter because what they did mattered to someone else. And I wanted to be seen. Appreciated for being more than a cog in the wheel.

In search of the answer, I came across the Expert VA Training program. The timing was serendipitous.

Then, there I was at a LIVE event (originally with low expectations), suddenly enrolling in this program and well on my way to learning how to build my own virtual business.

A business I loved. One that leveraged my skills and talents. One that served others. One that gave me the power and freedom to choose who to serve and how.

Through the lessons and the coaching and the soul searching, I discovered exactly the business I wanted to create.

“You can’t stop the girl from going…Oh, I know you feel the lightnin’ And, it’s so exciting, So, here we come…”

The places I’ve felt the most aligned and the most fulfilled have been places with a focus on serving others. They have been mission-driven. They have had a purpose and calling toward something greater. To make an impact.

The people I most admire are women empowering other women. Who share their knowledge and experience in the name of encouraging others. Who offer their light and brilliance to the world in an effort to help others rise.

So naturally, my clients are women on fire. Women empowering women. Women supporting women’s initiatives. Authentic women. Women with resolve and on a mission.

Women who want to help and unite others. Who honor their calling and act with purpose in an effort to achieve their vision.

Are you ready to work with me so we can align our strengths and brilliance to achieve your mission?


  • I can’t live without coffee, books, or music
  • I will meet people wherever they’re at
  • I love words that paint a picture and kinda melt your brain a little
  • The mantra I live by is “Don’t give up.”
  • You cannot have too many journals.
  • I prefer eating what I bake over actually baking.
  • My favorite time of day is twilight.
  • If it isn’t soothing or soft to touch, I ain’t buyin’ it.
  • You’ll find me taking pictures wherever I go.
  • I have an explorer’s heart – a desire for travel and adventure.


Tell me all there is to know about how you’re out to change the world.

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