Days as a digital nomad

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Hey there! I’m Angelic and this is my travel story.

I’ve been wanting to travel full-time for a while and this year (2022), I finally made a plan and began taking action to make it happen.

My initial plan was to camp out of my SUV and leave the first week of May, but the Universe had other plans. And I went with the flow. I spent eight months researching and planning, making lists, and taking measurements before I began my nomadic lifestyle.

Then another two months waiting and adjusting my timeline.

I can’t wait to share my ups and down, triumphs and struggles along my journey. Let’s go!


Days 4-7: Life As A Nomad Entreprenuer

I share my first rookie mistake as a nomadic entrepreneur, added some photos from Georgia, and had some adventures in Nashville, Tennessee!

South East

Days 1-3: Life As A Digital Nomad

I hit the road full-time on June 28th with a plan to spend several months meeting with clients and team members.